May in our homeschool

It’s funny … I often sit down to write these summaries and think “hmmm… what DID we do in May?” Then I spend a little time looking at my calendar and photos and think “wow! We did A LOT in May!”

Third Grade

Our family makes an annual trip to a farm stay in Alsea, OR during spring lambing season and this year it was especially meaningful because my third grader has been focused on farming throughout the year. It was our fifth year visiting and it’s so lovely now that my kids know the farmer so well and are old enough to be meaningfully helpful. At least I hope so; maybe the farmer is just humoring us. 🙂

Feeding the bottle lamb.

Our last block of the year was focused on wrapping up the Hebrew stories. It was a bit of a sprint to the finish as I didn’t time things out super well with all the other end-of-year activities we had going on out of the house in May. In retrospect, I wish I had let go of doing a main lesson book page for almost every story we read and just focused on the highlights.

May has been a big ballet month because this is my nine-year-old’s first year participating in Oregon Ballet Theater’s All Student Performance. Every time we do a performance there’s a big learning curve for me as I figure out expectations and rehearsal schedules. It’s been a big commitment and the first half of June will be dominated by that but we’re all looking forward to seeing her perform!

May Day celebration!

May was our last month for homeschool lessons, so it was a time for us to wrap up daily math pages and the All About Reading lessons we’ve been doing throughout the year and I just want to say that it can feel hard to feel finished when you’re not finished. We only made it through half of the AAR level we started out with in the fall. The lessons have been hugely helpful and I am wishing we had been more diligent about doing them more consistently. We also only made it through a portion of the year’s worth of daily math pages. We also missed several entire blocks from our curriculum. But IT’S OK! This is one of the gifts of homeschooling. We can pick up where we left off in the fall. There is not race to the finish line because there is no finish line. We get to be lifelong learners. But I want to acknowledge the impulse to feel bad about not finishing because it’s a real feeling. I am choosing to wrap up the year with joy and celebrate what we did accomplish.

Something I’m finding a ton of joy in right now is that I have an independent reader. After feeling dissatisfied with how the Waldorf approach handled literacy, and then taking a different approach this year, and all the handwringing I did along the way, I have such a sense of relief to have arrived here with an excited, motivated reader. I am having so. much. fun. playing matchmaker for her in finding books she will enjoy. Some recent homeruns have been the Zoey and Sassafras series, The Kingdom of Wrenly series (and the second box) and the Nate the Great books.

Some of the books my third grader read independently this year!


We have been continuing with our weekly fairy tales and our The Good and the Beautiful language arts lessons and our very playful approach to math this year. My kindergartner will be six in just a couple of weeks and I am marveling about how much he has changed this year. Kindergarten is kind of the homeschool gateway drug for me LOL. I have never wanted to give up my time with my precious five-year-olds – it is such a special and magical year. So I feel so fortunate that for the second time I got to spend this time with him.

At the end of May we had a very big an exciting trip! My husband and I decided in lieu of birthday gifts that this year we would give our big kids an experience for their gifts instead. We took them to Disneyland for three days and we took them without their baby sister! It was so incredible for the four of us to spend some focused time together just having fun! Honestly I went into it thinking it was a thing we were doing FOR our kids, but my husband and I had an absolute blast too. It was a really amazing way for us to wrap up our school year. Definitely won’t be an annual tradition! But gosh what a fun, big treat.

Mother Culture

This has been a great month for me for mother culture. We shifted to warmer weather, which is my jam, and we took two trips, which is also my jam.

In May I was …

Reading … The Alice Network and The Miniaturist. Both really amazing books. Both set in Europe, which has been so great for me because this time last year we were in Europe and I’ve been craving another trip so much.

Knitting … I’ve been in a bit of a knitting rut, which usually happens when the weather warms up, but I’m slowly plugging away at a Vesna Shawlette.

Watching … My husband and I are going to go away next month for a weekend with friends, so I got a big kick out of Wine Country on Netflix.

Cooking … It’s officially popsicle season here in Portland, so I’ve been making our favorite fudgesicles and the all-fruit popsicles from Spunky Coconut.

As May comes to a close we are prepping for a camping trip with some homeschool friends and getting our ducks in a row for reporting our learning to our homeschool charter and our end-of-year “show” for daddy. I’m also thinking about what our summer rhythm will look like and am really enjoying the support and encouragement from Jean Miller of Waldorf Inspired Learning, who is hosting The Summer Reset for Holistic Homeschoolers over on Facebook right now. Go check it out!

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    1. Yes! Jean has been so helpful! I just wrapped up her Plan-It-Out program and am feeling really confident about next year!

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